Homemade tomato sauce and Barilla veggie noodles is a staple for us. The homemade tomato sauce has been a go-to recipe for David in my time knowing him. Every grocery list seems to include canned whole tomatoes. He especially loves the Muir Glen brand.

How is it made? It’s pretty simple. That’s probably one of the reasons we go back to it so often. (That and we always have the ingredients).

Ingredients: 1 package mushrooms, 5-6 onions, (4) 28-ounce cans of whole tomatoes*, oil, salt and pepper.

*Feel free to use fresh tomatoes. If you do this, we have a friend who recommends roasting the sauce in the oven to bring out the flavor.

Tools: pot(s), stirring spoon, cutting board, knife

  1. Wash your hands.
  2. Cut the onions. Put them in oil, on heat.
  3. Cut the mushrooms. Add them to the onions.
  4. Open tomato cans. Add contents to separate pot. Squish whole tomatoes with your hands.
  5. Add tomatoes to onion and mushroom pot. Add salt and pepper. Mix.
  6. Let everything cook. Get your noodles cooking in the tomato squishing pot if you want to eat this as a meal tonight. The sauce should cook until it’s no longer watery. Taste it to tell if it’s done.

I’m updating the website to give the blog a more permanent role beyond the first 100 days (of marriage), and also to revive its primary purpose as my professional/personal corner of the web.

In the transition, I pulled some of the About page text from the about page. I am copy+pasting it here to restore its place in public:

How we met

David and I met in the aisle of the University of Connecticut’s Jorgensen Theatre on October 9, 2014,  after a lecture featuring eminent philosopher, Peter Singer.

David got his selfie with Peter Singer and ran out of the Jorgensen in time to find me unlocking my bike.

The first date? Lakeside in Coventry after my rowing practice. David brought risotto with homegrown garden veggies, and his canine companion, Russell.

Fast-forward four years.

We mastered the middle-distance relationship, survived an election season, and built an enduring friendship. Join us in this new adventure, and all the side-adventures along the way.

I love you, master of sauce.

Exchanging vows.
Exchanging vows in Vergennes, VT. David and I pictured with our officiant, Zarina Suarez O’Hagin. (September 15, 2018). Photo Credit: Sourinho Photography.