Congratulations, Brother!

I’m so excited for you guys!

I don’t know where I’d be without my bro. Zack, you absolutely understand the best and worst of me. I cherish my time with you and your capacity for living life fully. It is a great comfort to have another human being in the world who is cut from the same cloth. You’ve had my back from day 1 to day-now. We experienced together what marriage meant for our parents, and now we chart our own paths – with whole histories still to unfold. I love you so much and I’m so happy for you and Curtis.

I have to confess that I knew it was coming. At my wedding Curtis was talking about how best to stealthily size a ring for you. It is fun for me to look back on the photos from that weekend and pick out you two.

I am so proud of the man you have become, and I do not tell you that enough. You are thoughtful and smart, passionate and compassionate, talented and whimsical. You are honest and dependable, creative and wise.

To dispel bouquet toss mythology once and for all:

Meanwhile, in married-person-land…

David plays with the back-lighting on his new $80 keyboard. His performance on the husbometer tanked in the friendship category today because he solo-visited a venue that I wanted to check out together. Hello? Your curiosity got the best of you? What?

I think Curtis may be a positive role model for my handsome wildebeest.
Action shot of David.

I love you guys. I’m excited to celebrate your love, and to share in it through family life.

In conclusion, a quick debrief on my wedding experience:

  • If you’re anything like me (and Zack, I know you are), you may never be more emotionally spent than on your wedding day. And not emotionally spent in a bad way! Just wall-hitting overwhelmed by the day’s end. It is the result of being surrounded by loved ones and in constant, profound-feeling moments. At the end of the reception, I felt it most intensely. There were things I simply hadn’t planned or prepared for – namely the breakdown and clean up of the reception, and the right amount of checks and cash to pay everyone. I slept maybe 4 hours the night before. Exhaustion set in. If you find yourself in this state, it’s O-K. Because, remember – you are literally surrounded by people who love you.

David is writing thank you notes at the bedroom desk while I draft this post. I would like to take a moment to write a quick cyber thanks to Corri and Mama Kim, who shuttled me away to the post-wedding moment of peace and quiet that I desperately needed; and to Allison and team, who picked up everything I left behind at the reception. To Altan – who gave us wedding night shelter when plans changed.

I am reminded of my brother once again, who also came to my rescue.

We were playing the shoe game during the reception. Right before the game started, someone was notified that a car needed to be moved and the caller read the license plate aloud. It was my car. I was mortified, though I think the broader audience was amused. My brother volunteered as tribute and I handed him my car keys.

I raise my shoe in toast to a guy who can move cars, and mountains.

I love you, brother.

I am so excited for your life together with Curtis.