Bagels and Pita Chips

Bad dreams wiped away by husband cuddles. Another day to sleep in and enjoy family time. Breakfast was leftover bagels topped with everything, and coffee. David and I watched a video about the 1950s French involvement in Vietnam.

A morning excursion to Portland City Center featured a charming bakery, a well-balanced thrift shop with a little bit of everything, and novelty shop equipped with thank you cards and cute oven mits.

After that, we said goodbye to Sophie and packed up Tom’s car. The drive is a blur of conversation, music, media consumption, naps.

Lunch was also dinner? A rest stop was involved. Think: skimpy overpriced salad, pita chips (unexpectedly covered with cinnamon sugar), guacamole extras and large fries from McDonald’s.

We dropped Caroline and Kristin at their dad’s place, and had the opportunity to visit there for a little while.

Then we returned to Chapel. I retrieved my jacket from the basement, and the boys unloaded love on Rocky (the family companion).

The rest of the night was spent driving back to the city, hunting for parking in our neighborhood, hauling things back to the apartment, chugging seltzer and settling in…

We bickered over David’s recent line of complaint: I am oppositional and he doesn’t feel his opinions are valued. He presented the complaint in the form of comparing me to one of his relatives.

Please take a moment to imagine my data project, the “Husbometer“, making squeaky, break-down noises.

What other strategic objectives do we have for our coupledom in these last of the 100 days?

My thoughts return to a post-nup, and a yearning to mitigate some relationship stressors (my gainful employment).


Zippity Do Da

Getting excited over here. Fresh out of online class (IST 613: Library Planning, Marketing and Assessment).

Text: inside the brain of a grad student...

TO-DOO da-day!

Immediate future


  • Organize plan of attack for work (tomorrow and beyond)
    • Stakeholder surveys
      • Compile library campaign contacts (or use Nationbuilder database?)
    • Staff surveys
  • Use  form results to create service recommendation
  • Residual or ongoing tasks
    • Donor postcard
    • Social media upkeep
      • NYT article author quotes (multiple platforms)
      • Vineland (remaining posts on social media schedule)
  • Internship paperwork
    • Print and re-share evaluation
    • Resubmit assignment


  • Assessment report
    • Prioritize completion of section 1
      • Earmark assessment worksheets
  • Project management refresher
    • Answer course module prompts
    • Skim Lynda course content
  • Submit job applications
    • Development work: Resume / CV / Portfolio
  • Miscellaneous
    • Check-in with finances
    • Touch base with fitness plan
    • Review community garden bylaws
    • Research my ballot before November 6th
    • Complete wedding thank you notes

Oh, husband. I am thinking back on last night. We were talking about plans for Thanksgiving and family. I think you were upset by the conversation. When the conversation changed, the mood remained. I heard you say something about our neighborhood using the word indigents. I perceived a negative (belittling) connotation and said so in my critical response.

Word of the day:




1suffering from extreme poverty IMPOVERISHED

2  aarchaic DEFICIENT
    barchaic totally lacking in something specified

I woke up too early, feeling troubled. I worked it out with yoga by candlelight, early breakfast, and pleasure reading Anne of Green Gables. You came looking for me around 6am. We returned to bed together, with plenty of time to spare for pre-work cuddling and canoodling.

So far it seems easy to find our way back from most emotional side trails.

Thiago, Sam, Kristen, Altan and Caroline in the backyard of the Emerson guest house.

Long Day

Today was a long day. Most weekend days start or move towards a sense of feeling refreshed. Not this weekend. Tom is still here. The boys spent the day working on the new computer and we made a group voyage to Greenwich so they could help their mom while she’s recovering from surgery. I think we’re all tired.

The new computer?

She’s fast and has all kinds of sexy lighting.

We’ve been living on takeout Indian food since my Wednesday night class. Groceries are sparse. The fullness of the cabinets and fridge (roomie food included) has been intimidating me. But now we’re starting to run out of the staples: bread, eggs, milk, fresh veggies, grains, seltzer, fruit, chocolate.

It was nice to see Thiago again today during the Greenwich voyage. He has the best stories and an infectiously fun-loving vibe. See if you can spot him in the featured photo for this post.

It’s been so long since I really used Excel! Playing with graph-generating functions really gets my nostalgia going. Are my math and logic skills getting rusty?

I wish y’all could play with the Excel functionality here. Pivot tables and interactive data for life. 

Making line charts is fun. It looks like mountains!

Happy two weeks matrimony, hubby. On the 33rd day, we’ll do a check-in on our intention to do some data benchmarking.

Interesting Development

I would also like to document the phenomenon where you feel unexpected glee at finding a familiar face in the wilds of New York City. While walking home from re-parking the car this morning, I was greeted by the program director for our local community garden.  I held a leftover hydrangea and grass bouquet from the wedding, which I retrieved from the car. I spaced out while passing the empty corner storefront, wondering what might go well there, when Tim said, “Hi”!

“Glad to see you!” I said.

My neighborhood is starting to feel more neighborhood-y.

On an altogether different note, I need to set some intentional perimeters around privacy when it comes to daily blogging. I’ve started to do some research:

A conflict arose today which I want to – but am not yet at liberty to – discuss.

The husbometer is steady.