I Choose You

Turned in the last of my paperwork for graduation today. Zoned into the land of Facebook post scheduling for a library YES campaign in Vineland, New Jersey.


Week Average of Score
1 0.62
2 0.57
3 0.54
4 0.55
5 0.63
Grand Total 0.57

Sent out a batch of thank you notes, snuck in a stairs workout, ate a lot, spent some time with David, worked some more. Poof! Time for bed.

In the kitchen, David talks to Luca about the nature of work pressure. David reported having a positive, chill day at the office today.  They talk about good and bad pressure. David says,

“Pain in itself isn’t bad. It’s how it affects you,”

How long have you been working there? Luca asks.

2 years, David says. He would stay for a monster raise, he says. Luca asks about whether David still wants to work in Paris, and comments on advertising industry there. I can hear David putting away our dishes.

They talk about the upcoming trip to California.


At the Circulation Desk


I left for my conference in Ithaca. My blogging habit suffered.

It rained heavily during my drive north. I avoided tolls and enjoyed the autumn colors.

I registered for the conference and awaited 3pm tours to begin. I decided to explore Cornell campus and took a tour of the libraries.

When we returned to Hotel Ithaca (the conference basecamp), I returned to my car and retrieved my bag. I checked into my nearby airbnb and dropped off the bag before returning to the conference for dinner and the keynote speaker. I really enjoyed the dinner and the speech. A lawyer for the NY division of the ACLU gave a speech that I would describe as thorough and compelling. He gave the speech in the style of the “naked speaker” I learned. He had few props besides his notes and he gave the speech like a story. He told the audience to be activists in their own lives.

I was so tired when I returned to the airbnb. My back ached during the walk home. I needed to prep for my own conference presentations the next day, but instead I slept. My mind worked on the problem of how best to present. I slept interrupted by thought. I woke with the 5:30am alarm in order to go on the conference hike to the falls.

David and I communicated little. I fell behind on the husbometer and blogging.


Inside look at my political action work with EveryLibrary:

At EveryLibrary, we know that over 90% of public library funding comes from the will of local voters and politicians. That’s why EveryLibrary is launching Vote Libraries 2018 – a national marketing campaign designed to reach more Americans who believe in the power of libraries and encourage them to pledge to vote for libraries and politicians who support libraries. That’s why, prior to the November elections, we’re asking you to take the Pledge to Vote for Libraries:

Sign the pledge to vote YES in support of U.S. libraries!

In dozens of communities, library funding is on the ballot. Across the country, election day choices will set the direction for local, state, and national library funding. Your vote this November matters to the future of library funding. So please join us to celebrate Vote Libraries month this October. Take a stand and help reach other supporters by adding a banner to your profile pictures on social media. Then let people know why you’re supporting libraries this election season using the #votelibraries hashtag. You can download any of 100+ free #votelibraries images from our Flickr account to help encourage people to sign the pledge for libraries.

Vote Libraries 2018 is needed because we have to defend one of our nation’s last strongholds for democracy and learning. As the first and only national organization that fights for libraries at the local level EveryLibrary has a long track record of success. As a national PAC for libraries, we have supported dozens of libraries on Election Days. We fight against campaigns to close or defund school and public libraries. Over the last 6 years we’ve helped 84 libraries on their election days and we have 14 more on the ballot this November. We’ve helped libraries secure over $1.6 billion dollars in stable tax funding so they can continue to provide services to their communities.

This year, we know that libraries will be a crucial part of Election Day in November. We estimate that there will be over 75 libraries in small towns and big cities across the country who are asking voters for support. There are also thousands of local elections for town boards, county commissioners, and city councils who make local decisions about library funding. And, of course, there are hundreds of state and federal elections for political leaders that will be responsible for making decisions about library funding.

You can help us fund this national campaign by making a one time donation of $25-$50 or help us continue this work year round by starting a $1, $3, or $5 monthly donation. Everyone who makes a contribution to this campaign will receive an “I Love My Library” bumper sticker!

A donation of $25-$50 supports national Vote Libraries Month!

Your Friends in the Fight to Support Libraries,

Samantha Mairson, Political Action Intern
Patrick “PC” Sweeney, Political Director
John Chrastka, Executive Director

Meanwhile in the land of marriage, David pulls decent husbometer numbers. He coaches me through drafting an important email. I think back on my day and one moment really sticks out. I reconnected with a friend that I met at Middlebury-Monterrey Language Academy (Spanish camp), in the summer after tenth grade. We got big salads, fancy drinks (mint lemonade!) and chocolate cake at a cafe in Chelsea.

Other quick notes:

  • Wedding photos posted to Facebook
  • Social media scheduling for VoteLibraries (via Hootsuite)
  • Facebook’s ability to reconnect people that would have lost touch
  • Homeless man / philosopher king selling cold water bottles on the uptown 1 train
  • Current read: For Whom the Bell Tolls by Ernest Hemmingway (…I’m at the part where El Sordo is trapped on the hill by cavalry and the planes are flying overhead).


This is my first late daily post, which will be backdated.

I got swept away in my work. I stayed late at the Brooklyn office designing a poster for volunteer recruitment. We need volunteers to help with our fundraising day at EveryLibrary. Charidy is working with us to plan the event and my poster is modeled after a design in their best practices presentation. Charidy calls volunteers “influencers” in their training materials.

The design is inspired by a poster in the volunteer management best practices presentation by Charidy.
The design is inspired by a poster in the volunteer management best practices presentation by Charidy.

From work, I went straight to open scrimmage volleyball from 7:00 – 10:30. The practice started late and ended early, but we were all very tired by the end of it. I made a new friend named Peter. We warmed up together. I doubt I will ever see him again. Regarding volleyball, he said he is “going back into retirement”. I may do the same, except for the occasional scrimmage.

It was nice to get home, and I arrived around 11. David was deep in League of Legends. Anya arrived home shortly after me. We ate together and had conversation about life change. She told me about rehearsals and her fall schedule at Julliard. She is starring in A Doll’s House. David joined us when his game ended. We rang in the new day together at 12:00.

The husbometer data was logged, though late.

We are fast approaching the end of the “benchmarking period” for the first 100 days of marriage. I still don’t really know the significance of the benchmarking period, but I think our early intention was to establish a baseline for the husbometer.

Bro support

Tom Time

“Work from home”. Work from home. Trying to figure out where I stand on the ~~work from home~~ phenomenon.

Tom is having TGIF time with David and I tonight at the apartment. D talks about still waiting for the data team to get back to him. He compliments me aloud on being a hard worker. I reflect again on my work-from-home day and I think: hmmph. Could have performed better.

But it was nice to have David home as early distraction, to sleep in and avoid my 1-1.5 hour subway commute each way, to clean up my living space, to get whatever food whenever I wanted it. It was nice to think about doing local errands, to think about going to the gym whenever I felt ready. It was nice to play my music loudly, to be lazy about getting dressed, to be in solitude.

I think “working from home” is an amazing accommodation. However, without a powerful deadline as driving force, working from home accommodates distractions.

Wifi drops off and the boys jump to my aid. They pounce on the troubleshooting feature in a moment that is part demo – part rescue. A browser debate begins about using Chrome versus Edge. We open the Task Manager to check Chrome’s CPU performance, etc.

I extend my hand to David. He cracks one of my knuckles. It sounds off in a loud POP! and I quickly withdraw my hand. A new debate emerges.

“I’ve only cracked you like ten times.”

My knuckles strongly disagree.

The boys begin building David’s wedding present from Tom. It’s a fancy computer. What do you call this computer? I ask.

“I haven’t named it yet. Her, I should say.”

Her identity unfolds. The boys throw around “fastest computer on the market” “looking at the benchmarks” and “the first i9”.

I love the language of the project. Words like processor, motherboard, cooling system, ram, power, random connectors.

And my favorite: whosie-whatsit.

David and Tom read the instruction manuals. David says,

“This is good copy. No big words in there. No big words at all.”

You can tell David is happy. The bro time is good for him.

David's favorite photo moment. Tom gets emotional during best man speech.
David’s favorite wedding photo moment. Tom gets emotional during best man speech.

Husbometer doing just fine:

Weeks Average of Score
1 0.62
2 0.59
Grand Total 0.61

I’m excited to start making line graphs.

Lady Enjoying a Nap by John Brighenti



Dates Average of Score Average of Score
Week 1 Week 1 0.62
9/16/2018 0.66 Week 2 0.59
9/17/2018 0.64 Grand Total 0.61
9/18/2018 0.72
9/19/2018 0.61
9/20/2018 0.60
9/21/2018 0.57
9/22/2018 0.56
Week 2
9/23/2018 0.60
9/24/2018 0.58
9/25/2018 0.58
9/26/2018 0.62
Grand Total 0.61

David reads The Screwtape Letters aloud beside me. It’s been a busy day. I want to blog about my work.

Tom arrives with late night gifts. The room explodes with expensive computer components and my weird mood.

The boys chill for a little while. I feed Tom an egg sandwich and he trades work stories about Joe the superintendent.