Still looking to give a gift? Need some help?

Stocks and bonds: please refer to the below list, we are using cash to invest in these.

You can use the Zola cash fund below. It charges a 2.5% transaction fee. If you have a PayPal linked to your bank account, please use that instead and be sure to select the “friends and family” option.

Pimco Active Bond ETF: $103
Vanguard Corporate Bond ETF: $82


Vanguard FTSE Emerging Markets ETF: $44
Vanguard Small Cap Value ETF: $158
Vanguard Mid Cap ETF: $162
Vanguard Large Cap ETF: $130


Mairson-Dougherty Registry (Option 2)

Zola appeared to be a decent option for hosting a wedding registry. We are pretty focused on cash funds due to our limited living space and our many active financial goals. We created cash funds to go toward some of our top priorities: getting out from under student debt, saving to start a family, and general investing in our future (stocks and bonds). We also threw in a few other options: tax-deductible donations to save animals, a PAC to support library funding nationwide, experiences, and around-the-apartment trinkets.

There is some redundancy between cash fund options in the Zola registry and the intention behind the PayPal moneypool. The advantage to the moneypool is that more of your dollars go directly to us. The disadvantage to the moneypool is that the gift seems less specific.


If money is tight, don’t forget: homemade and edible gifts, as well as handwritten letters are also amazing!  We know that many folks are traveling from afar and we appreciate the cost of your traveling. Your presence on our special day is really the best gift. As we enter into marriage, we recognize it takes a whole community of loved ones to support us. Thank you for all your love and support thus far.