This website was used to host our wedding details, now memories! Please feel free to peruse.

Photos can by found at

Key Details

Rehearsal: Friday, September 14 (at 4:45 PM)
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
Vergennes, Vermont

Rehearsal Dinner: Friday, September 14 (6:00 PM)
Meet at the Emerson Guest House.
Hosted by Anna and Mitchell Dube.
Wedding party only, please.

Ceremony: Saturday, September 15 (at 12 PM)
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
Vergennes, Vermont

Pre- and Post-Reception: The Emerson Guest House
Vergennes, Vermont

Reception: Saturday, September 15 (6PM-11PM)
Vergennes Opera House

Wedding Party


Zarina Suárez O’Hagin, Esq.

  • Mother of the Bride, Anna Dube
  • Stepfather of the Bride, Mitchell Dube
  • Father of the Bride, David Mairson
  • Mother of the Groom, Catherine Brown Dougherty
  • Father of the Groom, Brooks Dougherty
Bridespeople and Groomspeople
  • Zachary Mairson, Man of Honor / Master of Drinks
  • Corrine Swart, Maid of Honor
  • Olivia Warszawik, Master of Cupcakes
  • Irem Khan, Master of Pinterest / Casual Videography
  • Allison Keough
  • Caroline Dougherty
  • Kristin Dougherty
  • Tom Dougherty, Best Man
  • Altan Sadik-Khan
  • Khaled Allen
Honored Folks
  • Uncle Drew Dougherty, Usher / Party Boat Captain
  • Katie Montgomery, Master of Flowers
  • Monique Sourinho, Photographer
  • CK (Vergennes Laundry), Caterer
  • Judy, Organist
  • Atlantic Crossing, Band
  • Luke Donforth, Caller
  • Reda Bouhaddada, Shoe Game MC
  • Grandparents