How the blog started

Originally, this website served as my professional portfolio for librarianship, information security and digital media design.

One day, my partner David proposed marriage. In the name of thrift, I temporarily re-purposed the domain to serve as our wedding website. The wedding day – in a burst of importance – came and went. On the first day of married life, I pitched the idea to document our first “100 days of marriage“.

In presidential American politics, it’s common for politicians to poise the “first 100 days” as a demonstration of their capabilities. It sets the tone for their remaining term of service and builds momentum on important projects promised during the campaign.  David and I, while somewhat different politically, agree deeply on the importance of

My concept for the first 100 days featured a “husbometer” – my name for an overly simplistic feedback and tracking tool. It was a spreadsheet, essentially – and it helped me communicate with David about relationship expectations.

Moving ahead

I’m gradually returning the website to serve its original intention.

However, David continues to be honored in the daily blog, which I’ve called 100 Days. I hope to use the blog to report on daily life in 100-day bursts, where each 100 day era has a new focus. The inaugural 100 Days blog theme was “The First 100 Days (of Marriage)” and it featured our wedding and engagement photos by Sourinho Photography, my reflections on life as newlyweds, and data from the husbometer initiative.

The current theme is 100 Days (in Libraryland) and will feature my once-weekly reflections on work as a children’s librarian and webinar coordinator for EveryLibrary.

I plan to have more 100-day bursts that focus on topics like:

  • adventure
  • fitness
  • libraries
  • career
  • family
  • food