Hi, my name is Samantha Ann Mairson and I’m a librarian living in New York. Thank you for visiting my web space.

Quick finds:

I love fiddling around with this website.

Circa September 2018, I re-purposed samanthamairson.com to serve as the domain for my wedding website.

The wedding website morphed into a personal blog project documenting “The First 100 Days of Marriage”. I’m currently contemplating my next blog project and the strategic development of my online web presence.

My major interests are digital media and design, information security, activism on behalf of libraries, and all things education-nature-play.

I work part-time as a children’s librarian at the Rye Free Reading Room. I love working with kids and technology. I am currently expecting my first child and preparing for the new role of “mom”! The website is actively being used for an experimental naming ceremony and college fundraiser for our kid. We hope our family and friends will have fun with it!