Husbometer check-in:

Category Date Score Week
Sex (Quantity, Quality) 11/3/18 0.9 7
Communication 11/3/18 0.6 7
Chores 11/3/18 0.6 7
Fitness & Health 11/3/18 0.8 7
Finances 11/3/18 0.5 7
Trust 11/3/18 0.6 7
Dealing w/ Everybody Else 11/3/18 0.7 7
Food 11/3/18 0.8 7
Little things 11/3/18 0.7 7

Soon I’ll start blogging about NaNoWriMo too. I think one important thing in marriage is to keep doing interesting things (by and for yourself).

Tonight, David and I went to a contra dance in the west village. It was so much fun!

Contra dance
I spy David!

Afterward, we went to John’s of Bleecker Street for some renowned NYC pizza.

The contra reminded me of our wedding dances.


We’re halfway through the FIRST 100 DAYS OF MARRIAGE!

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