The day started as I hope it will end. There was peaceful sleep, cuddling, touch, comfort. A sense of possibility.

I made french toast with the artisan bread David picked out. David settled into League of Legends. I resumed watching The Kindergarten Teacher on Netflix, and went to the gym again. I like watching movies while I climb stairs. This movie starred Maggie Gyllenhaal. The movie was compelling and uncomfortable.

I sprinted home. The day gave way to an odd mood. We were discussing the organization of the closet. David launched into problem solving. He imagined relocating the bed, and a desk with built-in storage. I replied with concerns about cost. That spiraled into a moment of low self-esteem regarding my income.

“Men have mood swings. Women have mood leaps, mood swirls, mood loop-de-loops.”
― Bill Pronzini, Spook

David hastened to move the car. I wanted to join him, but wanted snacks more. I encouraged him to go start the chore. I would catch up to him.

A note about my husband: he moves very fast.

I did not catch up to him. In fact, he moved the car by the time I arrived to where it had been. I had my carrots, hummus and empty spoon, but no opportunity to ride shotgun. I love riding shotgun.

I felt disappointment, called him, and then took a solitary walk. I knew my disappointment was silly.

Returning home, I eat and think about my work. He settles in a giants game, and resumes the closet organization project that I began.

“A library is never — for lovers of the written word — simply a place for conserving or storing books but rather a sort of living creature with a personality and even moods which we should understand and learn to live with.”
― Francisco Márquez Villanueva

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