I Choose You

Turned in the last of my paperwork for graduation today. Zoned into the land of Facebook post scheduling for a library YES campaign in Vineland, New Jersey.


Week Average of Score
1 0.62
2 0.57
3 0.54
4 0.55
5 0.63
Grand Total 0.57

Sent out a batch of thank you notes, snuck in a stairs workout, ate a lot, spent some time with David, worked some more. Poof! Time for bed.

In the kitchen, David talks to Luca about the nature of work pressure. David reported having a positive, chill day at the office today.  They talk about good and bad pressure. David says,

“Pain in itself isn’t bad. It’s how it affects you,”

How long have you been working there? Luca asks.

2 years, David says. He would stay for a monster raise, he says. Luca asks about whether David still wants to work in Paris, and comments on advertising industry there. I can hear David putting away our dishes.

They talk about the upcoming trip to California.


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