Long Day

Today was a long day. Most weekend days start or move towards a sense of feeling refreshed. Not this weekend. Tom is still here. The boys spent the day working on the new computer and we made a group voyage to Greenwich so they could help their mom while she’s recovering from surgery. I think we’re all tired.

The new computer?

She’s fast and has all kinds of sexy lighting.

We’ve been living on takeout Indian food since my Wednesday night class. Groceries are sparse. The fullness of the cabinets and fridge (roomie food included) has been intimidating me. But now we’re starting to run out of the staples: bread, eggs, milk, fresh veggies, grains, seltzer, fruit, chocolate.

It was nice to see Thiago again today during the Greenwich voyage. He has the best stories and an infectiously fun-loving vibe. See if you can spot him in the featured photo for this post.

It’s been so long since I really used Excel! Playing with graph-generating functions really gets my nostalgia going. Are my math and logic skills getting rusty?

I wish y’all could play with the Excel functionality here. Pivot tables and interactive data for life. 

Making line charts is fun. It looks like mountains!

Happy two weeks matrimony, hubby. On the 33rd day, we’ll do a check-in on our intention to do some data benchmarking.

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