Tom Time

“Work from home”. Work from home. Trying to figure out where I stand on the ~~work from home~~ phenomenon.

Tom is having TGIF time with David and I tonight at the apartment. D talks about still waiting for the data team to get back to him. He compliments me aloud on being a hard worker. I reflect again on my work-from-home day and I think: hmmph. Could have performed better.

But it was nice to have David home as early distraction, to sleep in and avoid my 1-1.5 hour subway commute each way, to clean up my living space, to get whatever food whenever I wanted it. It was nice to think about doing local errands, to think about going to the gym whenever I felt ready. It was nice to play my music loudly, to be lazy about getting dressed, to be in solitude.

I think “working from home” is an amazing accommodation. However, without a powerful deadline as driving force, working from home accommodates distractions.

Wifi drops off and the boys jump to my aid. They pounce on the troubleshooting feature in a moment that is part demo – part rescue. A browser debate begins about using Chrome versus Edge. We open the Task Manager to check Chrome’s CPU performance, etc.

I extend my hand to David. He cracks one of my knuckles. It sounds off in a loud POP! and I quickly withdraw my hand. A new debate emerges.

“I’ve only cracked you like ten times.”

My knuckles strongly disagree.

The boys begin building David’s wedding present from Tom. It’s a fancy computer. What do you call this computer? I ask.

“I haven’t named it yet. Her, I should say.”

Her identity unfolds. The boys throw around “fastest computer on the market” “looking at the benchmarks” and “the first i9”.

I love the language of the project. Words like processor, motherboard, cooling system, ram, power, random connectors.

And my favorite: whosie-whatsit.

David and Tom read the instruction manuals. David says,

“This is good copy. No big words in there. No big words at all.”

You can tell David is happy. The bro time is good for him.

David's favorite photo moment. Tom gets emotional during best man speech.
David’s favorite wedding photo moment. Tom gets emotional during best man speech.

Husbometer doing just fine:

Weeks Average of Score
1 0.62
2 0.59
Grand Total 0.61

I’m excited to start making line graphs.

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