Slow Reveal: Wedding Photos, Political Truth, Work Life

Today consisted of:

  • Hard-to-miss Kavanaugh-Blasey testimony on Capitol Hill
  • Powerful meeting with my ALA / LLAMA mentor, Karen
    • Debriefing on big life events
    • Getting my web portfolio up and running again, and looking at samples together
    • Discussing career strategy
  • Political action and design work for EveryLibrary at the Brooklyn office with PC
    • Planning for VoteLibraries month (October)
    • Moments of peace: Indian food leftovers, yoga on the roof deck (gorgeous weather)
  • Receiving wedding photos by Sourinho Photography!
  • Extended subway ride home (experimenting with the B train)
  • More Indian food, debrief with David, cuddling decompression, tea time
  • And of course…. HUSBOMETER.
    • GEETTTTT, DATAAAAAA!!!! **rawwrrrrrr**

Okay. That is all. You can get an extra wedding photo preview for putting up with me and this post.

Bonus sneak peak:

Wedding day prep
Putting up with me 101: the bridespeople prep crew. Photo by Monique Sourinho.

I plan to do a slow reveal of all high res photos via the blog during the first 100 days… which I’ve calculated to end…


December 24th! Merry Christmas.

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