Dates Average of Score Average of Score
Week 1 Week 1 0.62
9/16/2018 0.66 Week 2 0.59
9/17/2018 0.64 Grand Total 0.61
9/18/2018 0.72
9/19/2018 0.61
9/20/2018 0.60
9/21/2018 0.57
9/22/2018 0.56
Week 2
9/23/2018 0.60
9/24/2018 0.58
9/25/2018 0.58
9/26/2018 0.62
Grand Total 0.61

David reads The Screwtape Letters aloud beside me. It’s been a busy day. I want to blog about my work.

Tom arrives with late night gifts. The room explodes with expensive computer components and my weird mood.

The boys chill for a little while. I feed Tom an egg sandwich and he trades work stories about Joe the superintendent.


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