Husbometer continues! The first week of data is complete. David helped me set up the Excel table for the weekly average. We reviewed the data together. He talks about macros, “click z” and CPM calculations. He spins off into marketing land.

“I just had a really good idea,” he says.

He massages my foot. I feel lucky. He tells me about work processes. It doesn’t take long before we’re discussing how the government takes our money. He does a maneuver we call the “vice grip of pleasure”. I negotiate to give him more points in the “little things” category in exchange for more foot massage.

We’re getting back into our routine-rhythm of city life. I went to the gym and did laundry at the same time. I learned the important lessons of…

  • why not to do laundry on Sunday (crowded)
  • why to wrap up blog drafting so I can play with my husband (byeeee)
Week 1 0.62
Week 2 0.60
Overall Average 0.62

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