For our wedding guestbook, David and I used a Jenga game. Tonight we played it together for the first time. It was special reading the messages of our guests and loved ones. We also created playful rules. When you pulled a block with the number 3 on it, you had to give cheek kisses. Pulled a 5? You had to do a little dance. 1? Take a shot of tequila.

Today was our last day of honeymoon. We woke up to a rainy day and had a perfectly lazy morning. David’s sister, Caroline, and Grandma Mimes joined us in the afternoon. We enjoyed the fireplace and attempted to learn a new board game. The board game was Legends of Andor. Caroline made blueberry pie, which she said she’s been meaning to do for a long time. After they left we went on a walk to explore the Trapp Family Lodge gardens.

The husbometer is starting to average out in a pleasant way. David made a thought-provoking point when I encouraged him to grade me. He said that wasn’t appropriate because of gender norms and other cultural forces. Is that true? What about the data might be hard for me or wrong for him?

It’s feeling like time for sleep. Behind me, on the bed, David listens to a documentary about Lawrence Taylor.

What goals should we have for our first 100 days? We discuss financial and professional goals. Other things that enter the conversation include: returning to New York City, pre-nuptial agreements, family planning. Certainly, we have A LOT of thank you notes to write.

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