The Shelburne Museum

Marajuana vapors move in the evening light. David puts the pen between his lip, exhales, coughs, talks to Tom. We sit at our computers. It’s evening.

The day began with quiet morning lovemaking and the company of family. We made our way to the Shelburne Museum with excited talk of financial planning. Our discussions revolved around the steep cost of the rehearsal dinner, and the lesson I learned from that mistake. Never fear negotiation. Also, regarding emails: clear subject lines, obvious asks.

The Shelburne Museum was New England paradise. Folk art galore and French impressionist paintings by the masters, time capsule buildings and artifacts, sunshine and apple trees. David ran energetically from building to building, dodging what may be the last of the intense summer sun for this year. The monarch butterflies were still out and about, enjoying the bounty of flowers on the Shelburne grounds.

The husbometer project continues. The criteria remains the same: sex, communication, chores, fitness & health, finances, friendship, dealing with everybody else, food and little things.


Dates Average of Score
Week 1
9/16/18 0.66
9/17/18 0.64
9/18/18 0.72
Grand Total 0.67

I return to prepping a research presentation for tomorrow. I’ve had my days confused since the honeymoon began!

David used my new identity for the first time today. When he returned to pick up our grocery bag, he referred to me as his “wife”. He proudly told me so when he returned to the car.

Feels good.

Day winds down with campfire s’mores, serenades and sauna. Bonus husbometer points for dragging and rocketing me around in the pool, and your “interpretative dance”. Such intense laughter. Feeling pure joy.

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