Tonight we settle into the guesthouse with guests. Enter: Neils, Caroline, Kristin. So far the day included a grocery trip with Mimes and a fitness center excursion. We swam in the outdoor pool then relaxed in the sauna. The indoor pool was our last stop before heading back to the guesthouse. In the living room, David talks with Neils. David casually concedes to defying shame around sex.

The crew has mixed drinks and wine. Kristin rests in the guest bedroom. A meal of risotto progresses in the kitchen. Thank you, Chef David.

David introduces me to the look-up table in Excel, to set-up the weekly blowout of the husbometer.

Row Labels Average of Score
Week 1
9/16/18 0.66
9/17/18 0.64
Grand Total 0.65

I wonder if realistically I’ll be able to keep up daily posting. Still need to work on strategic development of “first 100 days” game plan.

Coupledom solitude is ended but Kristin is sick and leaves soon for Germany. David tells her she can stay and she says, really?

A weird mood comes over me. I sink into my group project work, which is due tomorrow.

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