The First 100 Days

Today is the first full day of marriage. Yesterday, David and I had our ceremony, reception and shenanigans in Vergennes, Vermont. Now we’re decompressing at the Trapp Family Lodge. From here, the fun continues.

In jest, I begin a blog of marriage to document the first 100 days.

“Reda, coming in hot with the serving platter,” David announces from the other room. He returns from the bedroom where the platter is still proudly settled on the bed. We are opening gifts and cards in a slow trickle. The giants game is winding down (giants are losing). We lose signal on the television. David grabs his laptop and phone to try and engage the audio stream, but to no avail. He begins setting up a spreadsheet for gifts and thank you notes. I quickly check on the night sky and the stars from patio of our guesthouse. As I settle in to write, we have casual conversation and close up the television in its hidden nook. David looks up the score and reports the cowboys scored another touchdown. (Wahhn, wahhn). David almost never watches television by the way, so it’s kind of novel and exciting to see him get amped up over big blue.

The primary objective of today’s blog is set up the husbometer (our reporting and data feature) as well as brainstorm some of the strategic objectives for our first 100 days in offi–


Criteria for the husbometer:
– quantity
– quality
– internal: friendship
– external: everybody else
Little things

David is judged between 0-1.

To inspire me, he says,

“Think about what it is you’re doing to create the output you want on the report,”


“Work backwards and say, ‘how do you achieve the end result?'” –

He’s excited about the data. I need to benchmark him to see what’s normal.

How does he do on average? The first 33 days will be the benchmarking period.

The data will be based in Excel. David explicitly requests that the average be firmly grounded at .5 — none of that meaningless 4-star, 5-star B.S.

As I write this, many funny, loving, learning moments occur here in the guesthouse.

I open a gift from Aunt Beth and Uncle Paul. They welcome us into a tradition of Paul’s family – a Christmas decoration to commemorate our wedding day. Down the road, when we’re surrounded by family, we’ll be able to look at our angels and remember the wedding day.


A table emerges:

Category Date Score
Sex (Quantity, Quality) 9/16/18 0.6
Communication 9/16/18 0.8
Chores 9/16/18 0.5
Fitness & Health 9/16/18 0.5
Cashflow 9/16/18 0.8
Friendship 9/16/18 0.6
Dealing w/ Everybody Else 9/16/18 0.6
Food 9/16/18 0.7
Little things 9/16/18 0.8

David does a little pivot table magic and bing, bam, boom:

Meet the husbometer.

Row Labels Average of Score
9/16/18 0.66
Grand Total 0.66

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